Creating Unique index numbers

Dear Community,

I need help in creating unique entry numbers just like the metadata _index.

I currently do a count of a date field, which is captured for every submission via the count function in dynamic link and add 1 to the count, however when multiple enumerators are submitting at about the same time, the calculated index number captured is the same or duplicated because the xlsform calculation relies on total count of entries as at the last update refreshed by the enumerator.

Is there a way to trigger this calculation to evaluate only at the point of form submission?

My forms are used mostly on Enketo web form.

Note I have attempted accessing the _index metadata but it’s not visible to be shared for dynamic link.



I’ve found a way around this. My objective was to have unique numbers for each record.

I have now attained this objective by combining the previous count with field values unique to each enumerator.

Many thanks to you all.


@elvis_pooplogg, :bowing_man: