Cross Data Analysis Using Kobo Excel Analyzer

Good day Data lovers, I am having issues with cross data analysis from different Excel sheets using Kobo Excel Analyzer. I have a project and it contains some skip logics and repeated groups. When I downloaded the XLS data, the different repeated groups have their data on separate sheets. I need to cross analyze some data on the main sheets with data on the repeated group sheets. Please I need help because I have timeline to meet. Thanks in anticipation.

Welcome to the community, @percyprince! Maybe you could follow the instruction as outlined in the previous post:

Thank you @Kal_Lam for your prompt response. However, what I am looking for is if I can merge the Main sheet with the Repeated group dataset so as to cross tab some of the variables. I will appreciate any insight into that.

Maybe this post should then help you solve your issue:

how can you help me please? I can’t find the Excel analyser in the download options.

You can download the excel analyzer from KoBoToolbox Excel Data Analyser v1.23 | HumanitarianResponse

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