Csv-file limit

Hi Community!!! I have a problem with these 4 csv-files when loading the last one, it gives me an error in the ODK App. Now is there any file limit?

Thank you!!!
Jorge L. García

Hi Jorge,

It’s possible that there could be a file limit in the ODK App causing the error when loading the last CSV file. To troubleshoot further, I suggest checking the documentation or reaching out to the support team of the ODK App for clarification on any limitations regarding file loading. They should be able to provide insight into whether there’s a specific limit and how to address the issue.

Welcome to the community, @jlgarciach! Could you share the CSV file with the community so that the community can check if it’s in the correct file format that the system supports? Please also let the community know about the server you are using.

These details should help with troubleshooting your issue.

Hi Kal!!!

Facilitadoras.csv (13.0 KB)

In others forms I have not had a problem using the same csv-file, but in this case, even if I change the loading order, it gives me an error. Sometimes it’s another csv-file of these 4.

This is a copy of the production from and everything works fine. But I already have data and now I have paid for 10GB space.

Thanks for your help.

Jorge L. García.

Hi Chistian!!!

Thanks for your answer, I have changed the order of loading the csv-file and the last one to load gives me an error in ODK. But copying the entire project to a development user, everything works fine. Buy I want to leave all my data in the same project,

Jorge L. García.

@jlgarciach, what is the matching variable here in this CSV file you have shared?