CSV files (prefilled data) issue while pasting in the target folder of path

No such folder is found in the path of android folder to paste CSV files which were created for getting pull data for some mobiles.Can you please show me the solution…

@libtech_2020, are you seeing an error message in your KoBoCollect android app while trying to collect data that has a pulldata function in it? If yes, could you also share with the community a screenshot of your error message?

I am not getting any error message .To get the prefilled data while data collection ,We need to save csv files in the following path " “Internal storage or phone storage\Android\data\org.koboc.collect.android\files\forms”.For some mobiles,After going in to the folder “Aandroid” ,No folder is found to go further…It is taking too much time to load csv files in to some android mobiles.So ,They are not showing interest to use this app.Can you please guide us to fix this issue.Thank you.

You could upload the CSV file to the server as outlined in Step 5 of the support article:

No.Issue is not with the pulling the data. No folder can be seen in “ANDROID” folder in internal storage to paste csv files…

Why would you wish to do it manually when the system provides you with the feature to upload the CSV file to the project?

Can you please tell about the feature

All you need to do is the following:

  • Upload the media files to the server as outlined in the support article shared above.
  • Get blank forms to your Collect android app.
  • The media files should be automatically downloaded to your Collect android app.

Person name should be displayed by entering unique ID after saving the attached file in android folder of internal storage in phone.Is this possible to do with above feature as you said.If it so i would be very greatful .Thank you

I have a question for you. Why do you wish to add this CSV file manually to the android device when the system should pull all the relevant files to your device automatically?

Enumerator might get confused to which option to select among options ,So we are using pull data function instead of prefilled data.In the support article "# Adding Various Types of Media (image, audio, video) to a Form"It provides a feature for adding media files .I couldn’t find alternative way of getting pull data .Can you please help me with this?Thanks in advance.

Please feel free to go through our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox to learn more about pulldata function.