CSV load error

I got the error CSV column heading "{"detail":"Not found."}" cannot be turned into a valid XML element after I changed one record within my csv file, its a status column so I added the string inactive to one record. And updated my forms media file. But I got the above error when trying to edit previous submissions on kobo. I tried to recreate the error with a different form and csv - same result. I reverted my changes. Still same error
allbenslist.csv (39.5 KB)
hbechild.csv (48.4 KB)

Restored an earlier version that was working but I’m still getting the same error

Welcome back to the community, @thomastimeandtide! Could you kindly try the workaround discussed in our previous post?

It should solve you issue. If the issue still persist, kindly please feel free to reach us back. We will further investigate your issue.