Current Location button is not working with Enketo

Dear community,
The location button is not working in Enketo web when the survey is opened on an android phone or iphone.
I need to fix this issue in order to be able to fill my survey effectivelly.

PS: the gps is enable on the phone also the browser have the permission to access my location.

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @Eddy! Is this issue seen with other devices and browsers as well?

this issue is seen when the survey is opened on a phone (android and ios)

Is it an issue with all your devices?

Yes all my phone devices, I have this issue only when I want to fill the survey on a Cell Phone!

Could you share with us your xlsform that has the GPS question? Maybe we should be able to identify your issue if it’s some design issue.

Actually I was unable to upload the excel form (new user)!

aKR2g7sasDyApiGhk5yRvZ.xlsx (6.9 KB)

@Eddy, your xlsform seems to be OK. Have you updated your browser?

When using Safari browser on ios the location is not working (donno if there is a problem of compatibility with kobotoolbox survey) but it worked after I have installed chrome on the same iphone. As for Android device I have an older version of android software and I can’t do update to the latest version of chrome so it still not working on it! So is there any method to make it work on an older versions?
Thank you!

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@Eddy, thank you for confirming that it works with the modern browsers as outlined in our support article What Are Enketo Web Forms?.

Yes, it is crucial to update your browser to the latest version to get all the features working correctly.