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I am building a form for completion in a web browser. I would like to have the respondent click through multiple pages, but I would like two questions (essentially a part (a) and a part (b)) to appear on each page. I can work out how to put all the questions on one page, and how to put each question on a new page, but not how to create custom page breaks. Is it possible to do this using the form builder, or would I have to import an excel file?
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Welcome back to the community, @eleanorn! You will need to group the questions you wish to see on a single page and then change the page layout settings to grid-theme or pages. That should solve your issue.

Hello @Kal_Lam, thanks very much for your reply. This worked in the first form that I built, but not in the second, for some reason. I have grouped sets of questions, but when I select “Multiple pages”, each question appears on a new page. Is there a limit to the number of questions which can be grouped, or something else that I may be doing wrong?

Actually never mind - I have just figured it out!!

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Hi @eleanorn,

Can you share your solution in simple steps so when someone from community has the same issue, they can solve it aswell?


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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya , certainly. Under the settings for the group (rather than the individual question), there is a checkbox which says “Show all questions in this group on the same screen”. This box needs to be checked.
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