Customising the location entry widget

I’ve made a form and its deployed on the site - but can the point location entry widget be customised? At the moment it starts with a map of the whole world, but I’ll be collecting data in a much smaller area. Can it be set to start in a given extent? Or better still, be restricted to view only a given extent? I think if it can get the user’s GPS location then it does zoom to that, but my respondents and data collectors might be anywhere and I want them to collect locations in a specific region.

I’ve tried to find docs for the widgets but there’s not a lot there - enketo has a demo showing how to get rid of the lat-long display and the other fields but I cant find documentation.

Hi @barryrowlingson
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Unfortunately, this cannot be customized any further than what is available.

There were discussions on the ODK forum about setting a default start location for the GPS. It should however be noted that this may not work welll with you if your interviewers/data collectors are widely spread across a geographical area. Please follow the discussions here.

Though I have not tested this approach, I would recommend that you look at the recommendations provided by this blogpost on georeferencing.

Hope the above articles would help you narrow down to your issue.