Customize Kobotoolbox Logo on the web portal own servers and edit email templates

Is it possible to modify the Kobotoolbox Logo, e.g I have installed it on my own server I would like to modify the logo, and also email templates that are sent to the users during account creation.

Hi @alexgmuriithi,

Would you mind having a look at the post discussed previously. It should have the answer to your query:

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The answer you’ve provided is for the form but I’m asking about the web app that we install using Kobo install on our own server. Check out the image I attached it’s the login page of the web app.

Hi Alex,
This also applies for the web app too.

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I was looking for something similar, and just found a solution. Like the previous comments say, the project is opensource!

A quick and easy way would be to replace/download the image files in your server directory, and replace it with the photo name currently being used in kobo.

You have 2 directories to modify.




you can change these 3 files photo files,

kobologoS.svg — notice it is an .svg file and this is for the mobile version after you login the page
kobologo.svg – main logo in the loginpage and registration page

wallpaper takes effect in the first directory. Remember to use root privileges.

you can directly download and replace the name using the following command in your server terminal, download photo from a direct weblink

curl -o kobologo.svg weblink/picture.svg

a quick way to check if your photo is downloaded you can check it in your browser, for example:




Hope it helps, let me know!



Welcome to the community @omerkhoshnaw! Thank you for sharing your experience and solutions with the community. :clap: Expecting the same in the upcoming days! :star_struck:

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This works like a charm … but it didn’t update the kobotoolbox logo in Enketo Express form entry do you have the solution to this.


Hey Can you please tell me how to change title of app and also i want to change some content in registration page?

I have installed kobotoolbox in my own server now i want to change the title of website(not form) also i want to change content of registration form
please help me to resolve it

I want to change following contents

KoBoToolbox is an integrated set of tools for building forms and collecting interview responses. It is built by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative for easy and reliable use in difficult field settings, such as humanitarian emergencies or post-conflict environments

We’re you able to resolve this issue please? I have the same challenge

Welcome to the community, @nejobest! Are you on a self hosted server or are you on one of the servers hosted publicly (OCHA or HHI) by the KoBoToolbox?

Hi Kal_Lam,

Thanks for asking. I’m on self hosed.

Hi @nejobest, you can try updating the template:

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Thanks alot Josh.

Please where can I modify the default email sent after signup and the website title page. Thank youi
![activation email|690x262](upload://u7djIYmpnEjLR4fei6l7A10Hklg.png

Please any help on how I can locate this path in the attached? : [kobotoolbox/kpi/blob/master/kpi/templates/registration/registration_form.html

Hi @nejobest you will need to edit the KPI code, rebuild the image and use that updated image in your deployment. As a temporary solution, you could go into the KPI container and change it there :+1:

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Hi can you help me making some changes in my server installation, I’m changing the image in the code but how I run it to apply the changes
Thank you

Have you able to solve this? Please I need help if you do

Since my kobotoolbox installation is behind a nginx server, I found easier to configure a proxy_pass into my nginx server, something like:

       location /static/compiled/kobologo.svg{
           proxy_pass    ;

        location /static/kobologo.svg {
           proxy_pass    ;

Maybe it can be useful for someone.

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Thank you, @javib94, for sharing this with the entire community. It should be very helpful for those searching for the same. :clap: :heart: :partying_face: