Cycle detected in form\'s relevant and calculation logic!

Hi! Help me. I am trying to post a form. But it is not published with a huge error. I’ve wasted a lot of time. But I haven’t found the reason for this error. Maybe someone knows and understands more than me and can help me?
Unexpected KoBoCAT error 400: b’{“detail”:“ODK Validate Errors:\n>> XForm is invalid. See above for the errors.\n: Cycle detected in form's relevant and calculation logic!\nThe following nodes are likely involved in the loop:\n${sch10}\n${sch14}\n${Age_of_the_first_child}\n${sch17}\n${laptop}\n${sch3}\n${school_chiose21}\n${school_chiose20}\n${sch1}\n${school_chiose18}\n${sch18}\n${school_chiose21_001}\n${school_chiose22_001}\n${school_chiose15}\n${sch11}\n${sch2}\n${What_kind_of_experience_do_you}\n${version}\n${school_chiose22}\n${sch9}\n${school_chiose17}\n${sch5}\n${school_chiose}\n${sch8}\n${school_chiose23}\n${sch6}\n${sch16}\n${Age_of_the_third_child}\n${school_chiose20_001}\n${Age_of_the_fifth_child}\n${sch7}\n${Age_of_the_fourth_child}\n${sch13}\n${tablet}\n${Family_relationships}\n${Time_Family_relationships}\n${__003}\n${text_zw0qp06}\n${Age_of_the_second_child}\n${school_chiose19}\n${sch12}\n${sch15}\n${sch4}\n${pc}\n${school_chiose16}\n\nThe following files failed validation:\n${tmpl5sfd7rm}\n\nResult: Invalid”}’

this is what the group looks like

without it the form is published

@soeungi, have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator? The online validator should be able to help you identify syntax issues present within your XLSForm.

I don’t know that there is such a validator! Thanks, I’ll try.

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It throws the same error that there is a loop. I checked, but I did not find duplicate values. I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this error.

хуета 2234.xlsx (19.8 KB)
Here is my form. Maybe someone can help me

@soeungi, when you are troubleshooting, fix one issue and then validate it again with the online validator again. Repeat this process until neither of the issues shows up with the online validator.

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@soeungi, when I quickly scanned your XLSForm, I could see multiple form design issues. I would like to list them out here so that it could also be helpful for our community.

-Seems like you have also not managed your translations properly.
Image 1

To learn more on managing translations, please feel free to have a look at our support articles:

-I also observed some duplicate choices in your XLSForm.

This post discussed previously should also help you learn what happens if the choices are duplicate.


Thanks for the answer. Tell me if repeated values ​​​​in different groups affect my error? Maybe give each of them a unique name?

Unfortunately, replacing duplicate values ​​in the same groups did not fix the error. I think it’s because of the calculators. But I can’t figure out how to change them or how to simplify

@soeungi, this post discussed previously should answer your query:

As said before, there are multiple errors in the XLSForm. You will need to fix them and then validate them against the online validator again each time you make a fix to find more errors.

Dear @Kal_Lam

the form I have the same issue. I
PanAfricare_HH_Survey_Tool_2023 (1).xlsx (106.1 KB)
cannot see the repeat cycles as indicated in online validator. could you kindly help out?