Dashboard features not responding to mouse clicks

The Account button does not respond to clicks. The “More options…” button opens the drop-down list but no items respond to clicks (see image). The Edit, Preview buttons work, and so do all other features.

Previously, I had no problems, and I have not changed any Windows 11 or Kobo settings, except registering with the community! I have logged out of my accunt, and logged in again, and have the same problem.

Hi @martin_crdt_kratie,

Which server are you using? Is it a private one?

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Welcome to the community, @martin_crdt_kratie! In addition to @hakan_cetinkaya’s query, could you also let us know your browser? Maybe it’s a browser issue. Try changing your browser to some modern browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., to see how it behaves.

Feel free to reach us back on what happens!

Dear Kal_Lam

Thank you for your quick and clear advice. I had changed to a different browser already (Firefox and Chrome). I now know the cause of the problem. I normally use a wireless USB mouse. I had switched to using my Dell laptop touchpad mouse. The problem only occurs with the touchpad mouse, not the USB mouse. When I have time I will investigate further, but for now, I will keep with the USB mouse.
Thank you for your help.


@martin_crdt_kratie, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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