Data back-up


Could you please assist me on the next issue. Does KOBO has back-up files for the projects uploaded on humanitarian KOBO server. Unfortunately, I had problems with my local internet provider and it leads to the situation that some data is lost/deleted/disappeared. I just can`t find all the submissions.

Is there a possibility to recover data from my account? or Only someone from KOBO support could help, if it`s possible?

thank you!

Welcome to the community @alya_abak! Could you kindly explain us how this happened. Kindly please try to explain as much as you are able to.

I tried to download data recently and I didnt find all the submissions. A week ago I had a problems with Internet connection( it was unstable as I remember). I assume, that accidently I deleted data that I dont want to delete (interviews had similar inputs). And I am wondering if if possible to recover this data?
thank you!

Could you explain us a bit on what you actually did when you say the internet connection was a bit unstable and you deleted the data.

I have looked on the submissions. But is it possible to recover what was deleted? thanks

Hi @alya_abak

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover what was deleted.


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