Data cleaning in table

Hello everyone,

I am using Kobo daily for my projects the server is very good friendly, only challenge that i am facing i can not clean the data directly in table showing until i open one by one, i want to learn if there is any trick of doing that or please i suggest to add the cleaning feature directly in table, it will be useful and also time saving feature.

Thank you for immediate replay, what i want is to edit the forms directly in the table not by opening one by one, if this feature added to Kobo will help almost whole users. i want the team to please take care of it if possible.

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Hi @Haseeb,

Thank you for making the post much clear.

Have a great day!

@Haseeb, this feature should now be available with KoBoToolbox. For more details, please feel free to go through our announcement:

We even have a support article Editing Responses in Multiple Submissions for this.