Data collected in kobo collect when the form downloaded using general use server but submitted to humanitarian server

@Kal_Lam, @stephanealoo,

One of our colleagues has setup the kobo collect in an android device using general use server and download a blank form and has done some offline entry, but then the idea changed and we shifted the server to humanitarian server and was able to download a blank form. However, when we tried to send finalized forms that were collected using general use server form to the new humanitarian server, we get an error of generic exception of 404. Any solution for this.

thank you in advance

@danishjownaqibullah, if you try to download a survey project from one server and then try to upload the collected data to the other server it displays an error message. You are only able to submit the data to that specific project from where the project was deployed and from where the blank forms were filled up.

Thank you for the response.

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