Data Collected on KoboCollect does not Upload to KoboToolbox

We are currently having problems with our account and data transfers. The data that has been collected through KoboCollect Applications but it has not been updated to our database. In KoboCollect, the surveys appear in the “sent surveys” tab. The app is connected to WIFI. However, when trying to view this data on our Kobotoolbox account it does not appear.

Welcome to the community, @projectmesa! How much data do you think is missing that has not been submitted to the server? And what should be the total submission count on the server?

About 250 surveys

@projectmesa, could you share a screenshot of the View Sent Form from your app from where the data was submitted to the server? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.


Unfortunately that is not an option for us right now because the tablets are being used in rural communities to collect data. Could we try an alternate form of trouble shooting?

From what we understand, the forms are in the “view sent form (250)” tab. What could be preventing them from being uploaded to our server?


@projectmesa, we would need two screenshots to troubleshoot your issue:

  • A screenshot of the View Sent Form to ensure that the submissions were sent to the server.
  • A screenshot of the Settings>Server to see how the configuration was made.

Without these details, its very hard to troubleshoot. Maybe you could share the screenshot later when your team is back.

These tablets will be permanently in Nicaragua, Peru and Kenya. They will likely not be returned to us. The screenshots will take several weeks to receive, but access to this data is a time sensitive matter. While we wait for these screen shots, could you please help us understand some common ways in which this problem could arise?

OK, so some of the troubleshooting you could do at your end is as follows:

  • Check the date and time of the device. The device may have issues syncing the data to the server if these details are distorted.
  • Check the server settings under the Settings>Server. If this server setting is distorted, there may be issues syncing data.
  • Check the internet connectivity. If the above checks are OK, but there are still issues with syncing the data, it could be due to the network strength.
  • The final check is to ensure the project is still deployed on the server. If you happen to delete them from the server, you will not be able to sync your data to the server.

It would help the community if you could update which one affected your case.