Data Collection by Android Application Only

HI @Kal_Lam

Can you Please guide that how we can force the data collection from android only

as in web version there is an option to browse and submit photos and also the location can be manipulated , we actually force team to work on field by android app only so that they can not manipulate data.

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Hi @caneeraj

From the setting in your form you can determine in which method the data will be collected.
You can select “Android Application” and by that the online form will be not active.



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Hello @Ysr3322,
two related questions, please:

  1. Can this be changed at later without resulting in a new form version / deployment?
  2. Does this option (Android application) still allow to (re-)edit submitted data on server site, for monitoring during field work for QA staff?
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Hi @wroos,

Kindly be informed that my answers are based on my experience as a user not an admin and this was tested for OCHA server and HHI server. I have no idea if it is the same for KOBO installed on PC or own server…

The answer is yes. No a new form will be resulted if you changed this setting later.

Yes, you will still be able to do that.



Hi @caneeraj,

Kindly please be informed that unless and until you do not share the Enketo link (that you get by pressing the COPY or OPEN as shown from the image below) with the enumerators the enumerators will not be able to collect or submit data through Enketo.

Hence you could only configure the KoBoCollect android app for collecting and submitting data (as wished).

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