Data collection features available on KoBoToolbox?


I would like to know more about whether certain features are available on KoBoToolbox regarding data collection

1. Ability to synchronize forms on mobile devices in case of any changes to the survey forms.

I am unable to find information about this. Is it possible once a form has been deployed, that I as an admin make changes to the deployed survey and send it out to the mobile devices so they receive an updated version? And is it then possible to see which data has collected with the first and which with the second version of the form? I already checked here but I cannot find the info

2. Be able to monitor respondents over time.

Is this the same as Uploading finalized data to the server? And what information about the respondents are you able to see while data is still being collected?

3. Have an automated logbook of changes made to surveys and datasets.

I cannot find this on the support desk. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @d4d_test!

Regarding your first query:

You could configure this in your Collect android app under General Settings>Form management>Blank form update mode and General Settings>Form management>Automatic update frequency.

Regarding your second query:

Maybe you could do this as outlined in our support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports.

Regarding your third query:

The changes made to the survey project is recorded and stored under the SHOW FULL HISTORY:

Thanks for your swift response, this was very helpful!

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