Data collection save error: cannot read properties of undefined

I am using the humanitarian server for a study in India and my enumerators are facing the error message shown here when trying to save and submit forms. Could you please help me to understand (1) why this is happening and (2) the quickest and easiest solution?

Note: We are using offline/online forms for Enketo on Chrome browsers on Android devices, not the Kobo Collect app.

@Kal_Lam @wroos

@raginimenon, is this an issue only with a single device or an issue with multiple devices? If it’s an issue with a single device, could you try this out on another device to see how it behaves?

For the moment I only know of one person who is having this issue. However, getting them a replacement device is not something our team is easily do – in the meantime, is there any other way (other than changing the device) that this can be addressed?

@raginimenon, if this is an issue with only a single device it could be your browser’s issue. Maybe you will need to uninstall the browser and reinstall the latest version.

Will doing that mean that any saved data in the current browser will be deleted? Or can we retrieve existing data from the drafts/queue after reinstallation?

@raginimenon, yes, you will need to manually upload the submissions as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions. After uploading it to the server, you could then update your browser to its latest version.