Data columns are missing in my excel (XLS) data export

Hello, when I export my XLS data file from Kobo web, some columns are missing in excel file. I am able to view those columns on the web table. (pics attached).

The Kobo web table shows all 7 options, (see below):

But my XLS file on download shows only 5 options, (see below, yellow shaded):
Screenshot 2024-01-17 114238

This is a screenshot of my export settings on Kobo:

Could you please help me with how I can get all the options to show up in my XLS document?

@nidhi_harihar, is this a select_one or select_multiple question type which you say is missing in the XLS download?

It is a select_multiple question type:

Q: Are citizens stakeholders prepared/trained well to participate meaningfully?
Options: Yes, No, Don’t Know (select_one) type

If yes, in which of the following way/s are citizens stakeholders trained to participate meaningfully (select_multiple) type: (the options below are the ones missing) :

  1. Through instructions or modules/courses displayed online in the program/department’s website (missing)
  2. Through instructions displayed at relevant project offices & ward offices
  3. By distributing booklets, audio, video clips and other IEC material
  4. By conducting briefing/training sessions in-situ or by outreach programs by officials incharge (missing)
  5. By conducting briefing/training sessions in-situ or by outreach programs by NGOs, CSOs, SHGs, citizen collectives
  6. By briefing/training through meetings of Ward Committees, Area Sabhas, Gram Sabhas, etc.
  7. Other (please specify)

Are there any cases submitted which had set another choice?

I tried a use case with another choice (i.e., ‘Yes’).

My XLS only shows the options I selected, it does not list the other options in the question (which I have not selected and which should have been displayed as ‘zero’/‘0’ like other questions).

Please see, XLS only shows options I chose:

Even my Kobo server records only options selected (not the ones that are not chosen), please see:

Please help me out with this as I am clueless as to why this is happening.
Also, the same issue surfaces in 10 questions, That is, there are 10 such missing columns of data across the survey, across all the 42 questions.

Also, in another Question (Q12):

the Question has 13 options, which turn up on clicking ‘Yes’.

Issue 1: My XLS data file shows only 12 options (instead of 13) (see pic below, shaded in yellow):

Issue 2: I filled up the survey selecting 7options, see pic below:
I have selected the option named ’ * Announcement/discussion in meetings of Gram Sabhas, Ward Committees, Area Sabhas, etc.’ (see the last option shaded in blue, in the screenshot below):

BUT, my XLS file is reading the above selected option as ‘Announcement/discussion in meetings conducted by Elected Representatives (MP, MLA/MLC, GP member, Councilor)’ (see orange colour shaded cell below):

So two issues:
(i) the option that is missing is: " * Announcement/discussion in meetings of Gram Sabhas, Ward Committees, Area Sabhas, etc." and
(ii) this option even when I select it, is recorded as another option totally viz. “Announcements in meeting conducted by Elected Representatives (MP, MLA/MLC, GLC)”.

Therefore, the main issue I am facing is :

My XLS and Kobo Server do not record the total number of options in the survey (irrespective of the choice/s selected). E.g. if there are a total of 13 options, my XLS does not record responses to all the 13 options. Some columns are missing.

Two related issues are:

  1. When I select an option while filling the survey, for e.g., I choose “Social Media”, my Kobo Server shows option ‘Social Media’ but my XLS records it as “Television”.

  2. If I select 4 options out of 10, while filling the survey, my XLS records responses ONLY to those 4 options. Responses to the remaining 6 options are MISSING.

The 1st point is probably related to changes in the form you still made during data collection concerning related choices, e.g. changing labels or removing choices The server will show you the current names/choices, whereas an export with the all versions included option might show older names/labels.
Your export screenshots shows 7 (deployed) versions for this form.

Hint: Organise systematic pretests, including data export, during development and around changes and try to avoid changing forms during data collection, please. If you need to do changes, first retest with a clone project, incl. table view and export.

Thanks for the hint, but it did not help. I archived the previous form and re-deployed a brand new XLS file as a new form.
The problem still persists. That is, all my options show up while filling the form, in my Kobo data view table and in my form builder. But on downloading submitted data (as an excel file), options are missing.

There are 7 questions with missing options.
Total no. of missing options = 10

Please do help me out in finding a solution to this.

Can you share a related XLSForm extract/part of the form, please, incl. the choices to reproduce the issue?
Did you check the form with the Online validator? (You can download your form as XLSForm from the project menu and upload it into the validator.)

How can I share the XLS with you via private message?

Would you mind to create a reduced form extract/example to be shared here? Make sure that you check your form and the extract with the Online validator, please.

I am unable to share the form publicly (even an abridged version) as it is confidential. Is there anyway to share it with you privately? Or any alternate solution?

How do i send a private message to a user in the community forum? - #2 by Kal_Lam.

You can send a.shortened version, please, checked with the Online validator..

Thank you, I am not able to view the ‘New Message’ option to send a private message. It only shows two options: ‘Reply as linked topic’ and ‘Reply to topic’ when I click the Reply button beside your username.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 154356

Could you help here, please? The old handling seems no more working.

Possible is: open your forum account menu (right, on top) and open (double-click) letter icon, than select letter icon on the right (after “inbox”).

Thank you, I have shared the XLS form with you via private message.