Data columns missing when exporting and connecting JSON to Looker Studio

Hi everyone!
I’m having some trouble exporting a very long form and connecting it with Looker Studio. The form has 79 questions in total, including a group of questions that are repeated X number of times based, where X is given by the integer answer to a previous question. When I connect the JSON link to Looker Studio, that group of questions does not appear. I also noticed that when I look at the DATA tab, the columns and the data are there, but they don’t show up if I go to look at the Report (the automated report where the graphs and stuff are). Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:



Welcome to the community, @Zepmas! Have you tried checking to see if the data are missing in the download or if it’s missing when you try to connect it through the Excel Power Query?

Hi there, thank you for the reply and sorry for my extremely late reply. There was no problem with Kobo at all, the problem was that I got some settings wrong when I used a service to connect Kobo to Looker. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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