Data Confidential after tick on "Anyone can view submissions made to this form"

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I am the newer experience of Kobo using. I did doploy form for data collection. Then, I also need to automate pull data out to excel. But this process require some permissions such us tick on “Anyone can view this form” and “Anyone can view submissions made to this form” as I attach in the attachment. The question are: What does it mean anyone can view the submission? Is it until project is shared to other or anyone who are using Kobo can view that submission? Does it affect to data Confidential if data is sensitive?

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Greetings @sreangphaly

I’m not sure what tools you are using to automate the process of pulling data out, but if for example you are automating using Power Query in Excel or using Power BI then you should not need to make your data public - please see this other thread for some links:

If you are automating using other tools to call the API then again as long as you are authenticated then you will be able to access the information.

I realise that the documentation on the KoBo support site Excel Query page says you need to set to public but I don’t do that as my data is confidential - I just use the 'Edit Permissions" under Data source settings (in Power Query or Power BI) and I input my KoBo username and password in the “Basic” option. Same process as here: Pulling Data Into PowerBI — KoBoToolbox documentation

@Kal_Lam suggest updating the documentation on Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query — KoBoToolbox documentation to clarify that data doesn’t need to be public.



Dear @nat,

Thanks for your clarification. I got it. However, I feel that is the protection after pull out or during the processing of pull out data. But I want to clarify one more thing after I check to allow any to view submissions, does anyone on Web can view my data on Kobo server or my data will be used by others? Please, may you kindly clarify this point. However, I am apologies if I am confusing any points.

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@sreangphaly, it’s not that anyone could get access to your data. This should however be possible if someone finds your link. Hence you will need to share the link privately if and when required.

Dear @Kal_Lam

I got your answer. I tick that box, it means that anyone who got the project’s link can view form and it’s submissions. In contrast, if I don’t share that link, there isn’t anyone could access it.

Also, thanks @nat for your solution to fill the username and password in the Basic of edit permission of data source setting in Excel​ Query to keep data in privacy.

Again, thanks very much for your supporting.

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