Data download issue

Dear Kobo Support/Experts,

This is first time i am facing such problem with one of my current project, I conducted a survey recently on kobotoolbox platform. I’ve been trying to download the survey for further analysis with no success. All I get is some error message that reads “Failed to retrieve the export task.”

Apparently I can preview it under the “report” tab and “table” tab.

Could you have an idea of how I can go around this and download the survey in excel file?


Sharing some screen shots for your reference.

Please let me know if you require login and password details to fix this issue.

The error/caution message you are seeing is quite clear. You seem to be using the old interface (legacy). Could you download in the new interface.


Hi Stephane,

I have tried all options…have started with new platform then tried my luck on the old (legacy) interphase.

I have been using Kobo Toolbox for quite some time and have never ever faced any such issue for much larger projects than this one which is relatively small.

Infact, I am able to view table and see coloured graphs in data review…but while exporting, i am getting error message. Out of 3 forms on the server, i have managed to solve problem with 2 but one form is still creating problem and i am not able to download its data.