Data downloading issue

data for 2 responses doesn’t appear under the field names, but is visible out of order towards tags and ids in Table form, but the same doesn’t get downloaded in XLS.

upon reading the chats, I tried using XLS (legacy) and could see the records. The problem with legacy XLS is that I no longer get links to the media files received as were available in XLS download.

Welcome to the community, @peepul_mel! This could be the case as you added the variable lately and then redeployed it (during the time of the data collection when they were live).

Could you confirm if this was the case?

Regarding your issue with the XLS (legacy) format:

Please feel free to use it. It will not be removed right away.

Welcome @peepul_mel,
Did you use the download option Include data from all … versions?
You may have a look at the Help Center article, please: Exporting and Downloading Your Data — KoboToolbox documentation

General hint: Don’t forget to always use the Online validator to check your form during devrlopment snd before deployment.

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