Data edit in excel and uploading it to kobo to generate report

i have to edit data in bulk so for that I have extracted data from kobo to excel and I want to make analysis report in kobo with that edited data, how can it be done?

Welcome to the community @mpvsdigitalform! Kindly please be informed that the feature you are requesting is apparently not available in KoBoToolbox. Though there is already a feature request related to the same:

Maybe you could VOTE to make this a reality in the upcoming days.

As a workaround you could however do the same using python code as discussed in the earlier post:

If you are still not conformable, you could analyze your data through the xlsanalyzer as outlined in the post discussed previously:


sir, i dont understand this code, so can you please provide a video solution.
and the xlsanalyser does not support repeated groups is it so?

The xlsanalyser should support repeat groups as well. FYR, please feel free to have a look at the post discussed previously:

i have followed the steps as mentioned but I am having many repeated group sheets, how should I mention all the sheet names in 2 Sheet Names:
I have tried using commas between names but it still not showing any bar graph

Have you ever managed to visualize any data in the analyzer? If no, please have a closer look at the videos shared in the previous post. If yes, please follow the latter post.

Could you also kindly please explain your issue a bit as it is a bit unclear at the moment: