Uploading new data or appending previous data to kobo server

Surveyed data are stored in the Kobo server. Sometimes I feel, and once was a crying need that, if it were possible to append few previously collected data to the newly collected data form, then I could analyse the changes of the result by Kobo automatic report.

I think this service will make happy to many.

Hi @Suman,

Do you mean something like this one:

The data is there in the server which your team has collected. You verify and edit some of them. So now you wish to have a raw dataset that was not edited and at the same time you also wish to have an edited dataset along the raw dataset where you could compare the changes that you have made by editing the same.

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Yes, exactly.
Also, appending previous survey data or uploading other existing data as excel or CSV file from a computer.
Thank you.

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@archibald, linking your query here as a reference:

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