Data exporting is stuck in "processing"

hello there
it’s my first time to using the new interface, usualy i was getting data using internet explorer (only), it wasn’t working on chrome
now the new interface, i tried to get the data to analysis it, but i couldn’t download it, how can i get the data , (i tried to get SPSS dile)

Are you still stuck? Which server are you using? Are you on a self-hosted server?

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actually, it was stuck for few hours, this morning, the problem was solved,
I’m using kobo UNHCR as a server, using mixed apps in the field to collect data including KOBO collect

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but is still an issue for me, some times i have to update my boss about number of submissions, locations, number of enumerators who work in specific date …etc

Thank you for confirming this @YaserTaser!

Maybe you could use the custom report feature for this as outlined in our support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports

Good Day…I am trying to export my data in excel but I cannot download because the interface is stuck on processing. This has been the case for the last 6 hours. Kindly assist

Welcome back @Rungano,

Can you tell us which server are you using?

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@Rungano, could you also share a screenshot of your issue with the community? This should be helpful for the community to troubleshoot!

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I am using the UN OCHA Server. Thank you for your support, as I was trying to do a screen shot, I realized that the processing is now back to normal and exporting data is now possible. Could this have been an issue with the server?

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@Rungano, thank you for confirming! It was a minor issue at our end, which has now been resolved.