Data exporting is stuck in "processing"

hello there
it’s my first time to using the new interface, usualy i was getting data using internet explorer (only), it wasn’t working on chrome
now the new interface, i tried to get the data to analysis it, but i couldn’t download it, how can i get the data , (i tried to get SPSS dile)

Are you still stuck? Which server are you using? Are you on a self-hosted server?

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actually, it was stuck for few hours, this morning, the problem was solved,
I’m using kobo UNHCR as a server, using mixed apps in the field to collect data including KOBO collect

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but is still an issue for me, some times i have to update my boss about number of submissions, locations, number of enumerators who work in specific date …etc

Thank you for confirming this @YaserTaser!

Maybe you could use the custom report feature for this as outlined in our support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports