Data exporting

Hello team, I uploaded an update of an existing form in my kobo humanitarian account. The previous form had a repeating loop, unlike the second version. Mistakenly some field team had already collected data with the first version of the form before the update. Now when I export data to xls or csv, all data collected in the previous repeating loop form has missing data fields and data uploaded via the updated non repeating form has complete fields. The missing data is visible on the server when I search by specific UUIDs but cannot be exported to xls or csv spreadsheet. How can I export these missing fields from the first version of the form, any ideas??

Did you include all versions (advanced settings) in the export?

Always, each repeat block is in a separate sheet, see Help Center article Exporting and Downloading Your Data — KoboToolbox documentation.

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With this form the option to include all versions when exporting is not working. When I tick that option processing won’t finish and results in export failed every time. I am only able to export without ticking “include all versions”

@Greykapaswiche, maybe try the XLS (legacy) format to see if you are able to download the data?

Exporting as XLS legacy is not working neither. Still registering those blank fields