Data from repeat group missing due to same element name

Dear Community,

I have just discovered that I mistakenly gave same name to the repeat group and to one of the elements in the questionnaire. I was trying to investigate the reason why data captured in the repeat group was not being displayed in the kobo table as well as when I download in excel but it shows in Enketo form when I open individual forms. I renamed the other data element and uploaded questionnaire and redeployed but still data from the repeat group is not showing and neither is it showing in the excel download and now even when I open the questionnaire using Enketo the data disappears.

I need help on how best to deal with this issue. I have read several support articles and I can’t seem to find one that is exactly like my issue.

Thank you in advance for your help and time.


Welcome to the community, @BaMwamba! You got that correct. The table view does not allow you to view the entire repeat group in the UI, as the repeat group is a bit complex. Having said that, you should still be able to get the repeat group when you try to download it in the XLS format. Did you not see a different sheet when downloading your data in XLS format? Data from the repeat group is stored in a different sheet when you download them.

FYR, here is a similar post that should explain to you how the data is stored in a different sheet for a repeat group.

Hi @Kal_Lam : thank you for your informative feedback. I have two separate repeating groups in my questionnaire and I can see the data for one perfectly well in both Kobo and even when I download. However the repeating group which has a similar name with another element in my questionnaire is the one which is not displaying the data. even after renaming the other element (to prevent the name conflict) and uploading my questionnaire and redeploying. I could share my credentials so that you see what I am referring to whenever you have time to look at it.

Greatly appreciated!

Still in need of help with this issue. Anyone knows a workaround for this or should the missing data just be re-entered (its quite bulky)