Data from survey on map

Dear All, I have several locations and several reports for the same location regarding progress of construction works. In map preview all the reports appear at the same location (because they have the same geostamp).
Is it possible to show on the map only latest report data - filtering data per each location by date of report.

Welcome to the community, @bkosiakov! Are you trying to refer to the maps? Do you have a sample of what you are trying to refer to? Maybe the community would then understand your issue and help you out if it’s possible.

Hi, I have 3 construction sites with names: 1, 2, 3.
For each construction site I have 4 work progress reports made on 1.02.2023 - 5%, 08.02.2023 - 25%, 15.02.2023 - 60%, 22.02.2023 - 100%
When I go to the map - I have 4 reports overlapping each other per each of 3 sites.
Question, is it possible to show on the map reports data from only latest date - 22.02.2023?