Data got Separated actual Column

I am facing an issue after reploying the form.

  1. After redeploying the form and making some changes in questions, one of the most important data (comes from a CSV media) got separated from its own column and created a new one which is not reflecting in the exported xls file. The data is only coming from the time of redeploy only, all data before redeploy of the form showing blank in the downloaded xls file.

1a. The column where the data of the time of before redeploying the form is showing

What could be the reasons and solutions? Please support me! Thank You!

Welcome to the community, @SabujSangha! This support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions should help you solve your issue.

Hi, Thank you for the information and support. I have checked in box to cover all the previous versons of the form but still the data is not reflected in the downloaded file. But the data from that single colum is still in the database of Kobo but in another column.

Surprisingly, I did not change that perticular question in the form but the issue comes in that coulmn only.