Data in projects (Legacy)

Dear Kal_Lam,
Thank you for always support!
I am reading this message in legacy interface and we have too many projects or forms here with thousand submission “We are planning to remove some or all of it’s the components from this legacy user interface for viewing project data (also known as kobocat). We care deeply about our users, so before we disable the legacy interface completely, we ask you to let us know why you are still using the old user interface. This should not take more than a minute.”
So, my questions. if it remove then what about our organization data? while i can not find or get data in new interface.

Thank you for reaching out with this crucial query …

FYI, kindly please be informed that KoBoTool is not going to delete your data from the projects legacy. It’s simply trying to remove some/all of the features that is present in the legacy which should restrict users from using the same in the upcoming days. Your data that is present in your user account should still remain safely there.

Besides, if you wish we could transfer all your projects from the legacy to the new interface.

Ok, got it and thank you,
but for some projects or forms there are ongoing submission, i mean we are in process of data collection for most of the projects or forms which are under legacy

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And please do not forget to complete the survey. It’s very crucial for us to determine the features that should still be left in the legacy interface.

ok thank you again,
and please give us some time to do that

or how long we have to complete the all ongoing surveys?

I mean the survey link that you see in the legacy interface hosted by KoBoToolbox to gather information on legacy use from KoBoToolbox users.