Data is lost when correcting data in a submitted form

Hallo Stephane,

This is what happens with the same form in Kobotoolbox, when I try to edit a submitted form the search-function within the repeat does not work.

Step 1: opening Data/table in KoboToolbox

Step2: I try to edit the upper survey in the list: the one with the species “Gladde witbol/Holcus mollis” and “Acer japonicum”.
The form opens and I see the string I entered: “holc”, but the list of species does not appear

If I hit the box where the filtered list should appear I only see this:

I tried to change the first species (repeat 1) “Gladde witbol/Holcus mollis” by entering a new string “trifol” and I choose “…”, just to see what happens

I tried to change the second species (repeat 2) “Acer japonicum” by entering a new string “Lotus” and I choose “dutchscientname_key”, just to see what happens

As a result of these tests I see that species 1 remains unchanged, and species 2 has changed to “code_key”.

Best regards,
Bart Roelandt

Hi @BartRoelandt
Aha! This is a known behaviour. Since you are using the webform to edit, it is affected by the limitation of search function which only works on the collect application. I hope this clarifies the issue you have been facing.

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Hello Stephane,
Thank you for the clarification.
But is there a solution? Is this known imperfection something that will be fixed in a next version of KoboToolbox? Or is there a workaround by designing the form in another way?
Because this is the core-function of our form: the collecting of species-data.
Best regards,
Bart Roelandt

Unfortunately there is no timeline for the implementation of the search functionality on Enketo which is what is used for webforms and hence editing the forms.


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Dear Stephane

This is a very long thread which seems to take several detours into details which are not directly related to what is probably the core of the discussed aspect: Is it not possible to edit data in a form which uses an external file, like with appearance <= minimal search(‘facilities_ls’,‘contains’, ‘org_label’, *, ‘org_empty’, ${empty})? The solutions mentioned somewhere in the thread don’t seem to be related to this core question.

I think it would be very helpful for the community, if you added a short summary of the conclusion on this question. Thanks so much in advance!

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A KoBo advice should be given? Avoid using search (and autocomplete?) option if you want to be able to edit submitted cases later on server level?

We couldn’t find a hint on this in KoBo support documentation and the links there.
Even not in

An Enketo restriction is noted here, but only for select_multiple (should be corrected?) - see autocomplete.
This problem seems independent from pulldata context?

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