Data is missing after download though we can see those data in table view even can edit, but found missing after download

We can entry data, edit data and download data. But some data are missing after download (near about 88 records). Specially from “Reporting Date” 2021-03-01 to 2021-04-13 (column name or question # 8.1 to 8.10). Even, if we edit those data, it accepts and saves, but when download those data, found missing edited data too. May we request you to suggest us a solution?


  1. Was there any change in the used form version, esp. concerning group/repeat structures?
  2. Is the total number of cases different? (Export sometimes may change case order.)
  3. Did you sucessfully check the current form version with Online validator?
  4. What is your setting for download? (screenshot?).

Maybe someone from the core team can help then. @Kal_Lam @Josh

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Dear Wroos,

Thanks a lot for reply.

  1. Yes! I’ve changes the name of group, repeat and other fields so far I remember
  2. The total submission and tabular data number were not same. Some days ago (05-Aug-2021) the deviation was fixed by “Mr. Josh” and “Mr. Kal_Lam”.
  3. Yes, now it is running with no any error. But we found some errors in the data those were very beginning when it was just started (from 01-Mar-2021 to 13-Apr-2021 = 88 records only). Still now we can modify those 88 data but but modified can’t be found in the downloaded Excel files.
  4. I didn’t change any download settings. But I’ve used different permission for different users for data entry and modify.

Download Settings:

User Settings:

Please suggest us a solution.

Hi @tuhinbd2k_brac, thank you for being detailed in reporting the issue. Can you please send me the following in a private message so I can take a look:

  • server (HHI/OCHA)
  • username
  • project name
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Hi @Josh

I have a similar problem, two new questions were added to a form that already had information and now I cannot see this information in the editor when I go to add the data from the new questions to the old forms.

Dear Josh,

I’m sorry for late. Anyway, here are the information that you’ve asked for though I don’t know clearly about HHI/OCHA.

  1. Server:
  2. Username: xxxxxxx
  3. Project Name: Live - Site-Improvement Data Collection Template 2021 - V8R7

:frowning_face: Data missing downloaded file (yellow marked cells - no data found):
20210823 KoBo Error - Data Missing—.xlsx (426.0 KB)

We’re waiting for a nice solution from you.

@tuhinbd2k_brac, before we investigate your issue could you also let us know if you had added questions to your survey project and then redeployed?

Hi @tuhinbd2k_brac, I’m battling to track the issue down to a root cause, but as a work around in the meantime, it looks like the submission data is still accessible at the JSON endpoint: You will notice that the submissions that are missing data in the XLS export have a different response structure under group gr_SiteImprInfo – I haven’t figured out the cause of this yet.


Yes! I did it. I’m very sorry about it, but I had to. I’ve changed/renamed, added and also delete one or more variables as well as group name so far I can remember. Then I’ve deployed several times too. May I send your the “xlsForm” files that I’ve uploaded to KoBo and deployed? I’ve all of them that I’ve uploaded one by one date wise.

It is really a mystery that I can see the data :smiley:, modify the data :grinning:as well as save the data :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:but can’t download :thinking:at my laptop. After download in Excel (.xls) format the specific fields of the records found blank. :crazy_face:

Hi @tuhinbd2k_brac, it would be very helpful if you can send through the different XLSForm versions that you uploaded :+1:


Here are the xlsForm files that have been uploaded to KoBo step by step one after another date wise at your private message.

Here are the xlsForm files that have been uploaded to KoBo step by step one after another date wise at your private message.

Hello @tuhinbd2k_brac
Dependent on the form changes the problem might be related to this (ODK) discussion

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