Data is missing after submission

We have collected data in the form and submitted it. However, some entries are missing now. How to recover them?

Hi @sunithavg and welcome to the community.
Can you please provide a little bit more detail about your issue?

  • are you using the kobo-collect app or you’re using the enketo web forms?
  • how many users have submitted records? Is it one person who submitted or they are multiple users with one or several of their records not showing on the server?
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enketo web forms. they were saved as drafts first and then were edited by the enumerator before submission. There were more than one enumerator for doing the survey and a considerable number of records are missing from the server after submission.

@sunithavg, kindly please be informed that if you are collecting data through Enketo, incomplete submissions may still be stuck in the browser. You may need to check the browser to see if everything has been submitted to the server.