Data is missing for a particular question

When I am downloading the data in XLS form, some data for one question is missing.the total sample was almost 4200 but data about 1000 is missing.

Could you kindly ensure how you found out that your data were missing from the server? Could you kindly explain us a bit so that we could help you out.

I am downloading the data from server in xls and open the xls file to do the analysis, then i found some data is missing for a particular question.

Could you share with us the screenshot of the missing data.

Could you kindly share with us your username through a private message so that we could have a closer look at it.

Hi, Kal_Lam, I have the same problem with a variable, can you help me, please? :frowning:

Could you kindly share with me your username and the project name through a private message?

Hi @impact,

Looking at your case i could see that you have redeployed your survey 11 different times. Well looking at the 11th deployment (that is the current deployment) i could see nothing affecting your question.

FYI, here is a snapshot of the xlsform:

But going back to V2 (redeployed for the second time) that was deployed on August 28, 2020, i could see the following settings under the relevant column that could have affected your missing response:

Hi @nazaret,

Could you also share a screenshot of where the issue is?

Is possible that data was captured on 2 version in tablet. We worked on the updated version ie.11 version during data collection.

Hi @impact,

It’s something like as long as you were with the v2 settings (redeployment) as shown in the image above you were able to collect and store the data in the server. However, once you changed the setting to v11 (redeployment) you have instructed the system not to collect data and store then (now onwards). So, this is why you are able to see only some information in the system.

Hope i was able answer your query. cc: @nazaret

Thanks for your prompt response

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Is there any way to change version setting in the application like you mentioned here v2 setting and v11 setting

Maybe this support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions should help you answer your query.

@Kal_Lam, in my case, this item has not been modified

@nazaret, could you share with us a screenshot of your issue. Maybe we could find the issue through our lens.

yes, of course I can share the xls by highlighting the item :smiley: