Data loss post submission


I recently used the NPS (Net Promoter Score) question, which offers a 11 point scale (0 to 10) to users, to choose from. Rating 0-6 options were labelled as ‘Detractors’, 7-8 as ‘Passives’ while 9-10 ‘Promoters’.

Now, I realized that when I downloaded the data in excel, I was only seeing scores of 6 or 8 or 10 (basically the upper bounds of the 3 category labels I used in NPS questions). Even though users did select a rating 4 or 5, Kobo automatically changed that 6. Similarly, 7s were changed to 8s and 9s were changed to 10s.

I checked the data in Table format on Kobo too, and I faced the same problem. In fact, even the choice selection in the main form itself, was also changed by Kobo.

This is deeply upsetting as I cannot afford to lose the raw data, the actual ratings. I tried downloading the Excel in different formats, but nothing seems to work.

Can somebody help me out to understand:

  1. How can I retrieve my raw data?
  2. Is this a bug on Kobo or something to do with me labeling all options a ‘Detractors’ instead of ‘Detractors_Rating 1’, ‘Detractors_Rating 2’, ‘Detractors_Rating 3’…

Hi @Prashant,

Your problem seems quite interesting. Is it possible for you to share your xlsform so that we would test it from our end and see if the problem exists on our side?

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@Kal_Lam - PFA the xlsform. Look forward to your observsations on this.19.05.10_XLSForm Upload_India Sprint_NPS only.xlsx (13.3 KB)

Hi @Prashant,

I checked your xlsform at my end and found some errors in your design that caused clubbing error while displaying your results (confirming that it’s not the system’s error). I have made some slight modifications to your xlsform as shown in the image below:

Please see the file that i have modified. Data Loss Post Submission.xlsx (11.0 KB)


Thanks @Kal_Lam - this is helpful.

In my existing form, is there a way to retrieve data that I seem to have lost?

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Hi @Prashant,

As your likert scale were pre-coded, it’s impossible to retrieve back.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying @Kal_Lam and thanks for your help too.

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