Data management and validation permission

How to display the validation column in the data table view when I have given validation permission. See picture below


The validation column should be displayed before the Start time column. But despite the permission given, it is not displayed. What can I do?

Welcome back to the community, @MMM_MINTOGBE! Did you hide some of your variables to view the data under the DATA>Table?

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No, no variables have been hidden to display the data under DATA>Table


Can you try to click hide fields button and Reset button. That should solve the issue.
hide fields reset

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Okay, that’s good. The column is now displayed. Thanks


@MMM_MINTOGBE, glad you solved it :slight_smile:

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@MMM_MINTOGBE, please be informed that this is a bug, which has already been fixed and will be released very soon. I will let you know when the release is live.

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Thank you for this information.

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@MMM_MINTOGBE, we have a release that fixed this issue. The validation column should now be visible even if you hide fields. To learn more about the release, please feel free to go through the announcement:

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