Data missing from export after moving questions

I had a form that had the questions divided into many different small groups, each of which was its own page. That was tedious for the users, so I grouped the questions into a smaller number of large groups.

The problem is that the data that was entered in those questions before I made the change doesn’t export any more. I looked into it, and it looks like the name of the group is part of the name of the question, so when I changed the group it changed the question. Is there a way to link the question before I made the change to the question after so that it shows all the data that’s been entered?

Welcome to the community, @anderith! Do you mean you edited the survey project and then redeployed. Doing this affected your data export and now you are missing some of your data while exporting data.

Yes, that’s what happened. But I didn’t change any of the questions, except to move them from one group to another.

Did you move it inside the repeat group?

No. I just put it into another group that had already existed. None of them repeat.

What’s frustrating is that I followed the advice on Recovering Data from Previous Form Versions and it didn’t work. It still only showed the versions of the questions with the new groups and didn’t show any of the data from the previous versions.

I’m going to switch back to the earlier version of the form, before I made the changes. All of the data that’s been entered since I made the changes will be lost, so I’ll have to keep the export I have saved and manually add it in. Very frustrating.

I would still be interested in hearing if there’s any way to do what I want to do - put questions into different groups or combine groups without the data disappearing.