Data missing from some of the repeat questions during Downloading

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this is related to this issue. but my issues is, there is some data of the some repeat questions (whole repeat question) are missing during download. When i look at on the form, the data is there, but if you look at in the kobo table, it seems that it was not save there, hence, when i download the data in xls, all those data are not downloaded too.

this is the photo of the questions that were not saved in kobo table. but if you will edit the responses, they appeared there

I will share my XLSform for you to evaluate the reason. See attached form. RAEB HH Survey Form for FMR 1.1.xlsx (553.0 KB). The one that is in my attached photo is found in that form. it is located at the lower part of the questionnaire

Thank you very much

Welcome back to the community, @jsphrico! Have you checked the other sheets after downloading your data as outlined in this post discussed previously to see if the data from the repeat groups are there?

Repeats in general are not shown in the KoboToolbox table view (and in report)…

Thank you everyone, Sir Kal_lam and wroos for the response. In my case, all of the repeat questions were downloaded except for that 2 repeat groups, shown in the attached photo in my original post. Nevertheless, i evaluated thoroughly why it happed. So with my assessment, I discovered the reason why it happen, so at this moment, this case was resolved already. And Im so glad with the output now. Thank you again everyone for the immediate response and of sharing your ideas.

Would you mind to share the reason here, please?

See attached photo.

The key reason was in the group “name”. Item “J” down to Item “L” are all the same. that is “meansoftransp-owned_group” So I updated the names of the remaining two groups as follows: (1) Item “K” was changed to “OtherSocio-EconBenefits_group” and (2) Item “L” was changed to “OtherConcerns-Recomm_group”. The lesson is that all group names must be unique. After i made those changes, all data were already downloaded.

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Duplicate names are found using the online validator, what is always recommended during form development and before employment.

wow, thank you for this tool. this is great. this can really save our time in reviewing and validating each and every words or names in our form. Thank you again sir Wroos