Data missing in downloaded response report (note: form pulls data from csv file)

Hi everyone,
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My xls form uses an external csv file that works perfectly, however i am having trouble when downloading the filled responses from Kobo.

The form asks the user a multi-select question for a respective urban local body. Based on each selection 2 multi select questions come next for each urban local body selection(a beat and an anganwadi). This uses the repeat function
Note: beat is an aggregate of multiple anganwadis.

In the downloaded response xls report, it has somehow spilt it into multiple sheets, and responses to the anganwadi multi-select question are missing

The downloaded report is attached here:Downloaded sample form.xlsx (17.8 KB)
Third sheet (begin_anganwadi) has the first column filled by “beat”. But the corresponding columns for anganwadi are blank

Would love your help!


Could you kindly share with the community your xlsform so that the community would also be able to see the structure of your repeat question and the select_multiple question.