Data Missing problem ... (any permanent solution?)


i have seen a previous post regarding how to solve the problem of missing data... (see below), but is something that happened again and again. So my question is if there any solution, that fix the problem for ever.. because every time we need to look after and sync the databases.. 

Thanks in advance

there’s a Mongo database that serves as a kind of read-only replica of submissions. Postgres stores the authoritative data. Sometimes Mongo can fall out of sync with Postgres, and KoBoCAT has a Django management command to bring it back in line. Try this:

  1. Enter the KoBoCAT container with docker exec -it kobo-docker_kobocat_1 bash
  2. Use this command inside the container to synchronize MongoDB with Postgres:

root@kobocat:/srv/src/kobocat# ./ sync_mongo --remongo

3. Type  `exit`  to leave the container.