Data missing when downloading all versions but found in latest version

Hi, I am kindly asking for help. We have 53 versions in our Kobo, and to make sure all data are included I have downloadet all versions. In this downloadet excel sheet I find some cases where not all data are extracted (missing data are parameters we have updated later on), but it is present when I download only the latest version. Other cases that are also updated later on are present in the downloadet version of both ‘all versions’ and ‘latest version’.
For those specific missing cases, I can see the update is registered (end-date of data entry has changed) and they are seen in online Kobo but the updated data is not included in the excel sheet when downloading all versions, which I don’t understand why… Am I wrong extracting from all versions? Hope to hear from you

Welcome to the community, @sarahhansen95! If you have missed this support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions.