Data not able to download

Hi Kal,

I am trying to download the data submitted, it was 1 entry this afternoon. Then I got confirmation that some others have already submitted.

But when I am logging in again, the survey said it only has 0 submission and I cannot open the data tab.

Did my data go missing? What should I do?

@wiydiy, kindly please be informed that the DATA gets activated if and only if you have at least one or more submissions in your project else it is deactivated as you are seeing currently. Could you kindly confirm that the project has at least 1 submission to your project by maybe checking the Collect android app of the device from where the data was sent.

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There were 3 submissions, but 2 of them were testing, so i deleted them. When I wanted to download the data for that 1 submission, the data tab is deactivated.

The survey is all web-based and was filled by respondents, not enumerators.

What to do? Thanks

@wiydiy, please be informed that when the DATA tab is deactivated you should keep in mind that there are no submissions in your survey project.