Data not pull by select_one type question

I use cascading and pulldata function both. but pulldata function niot work. please help me

survey.xlsx (16.3 KB)

Please, remove the personal and location data from the files you published here.
Combining both could allow to even identify single persons.

Always keep strong data protection when posting to the public/community. See community Guidelines.

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Thanks for your remainder

You should remove/replace these attachments. Esp. as it is a sensible humanitarian/refugee context! Even acting organisations might be sensitive data here.

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@thohidcoxbd, you could simply use the dummy values to learn how the issue can be solved instead of using the real values (information).

Please see again
survey.xlsx (16.3 KB)

@thohidcoxbd, seems like you are trying to use the label to pull the values from the CSV file. Please note that you will need to use the name code instead of the label code to do the same.

I did not got your point. @Kal_Lam
could you please work in file.

Sorry, would you mind to check your choices sheet in your attachments for data protection, please, and remove sensible data, like names of persons, villages etc.

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@thohidcoxbd, could you try using a dummy value for your issue (instead of the real value) as advised by @wroos?

@thohidcoxbd, all you need to do is change the formatting of the values you entered under sl_csv from your CSV file, as shown in the image below:

Doing this should solve your issue.

Note: The pull data function takes the value from the CSV file and matches the value from the name column of the sheet of your choice, not the label of your choice.

I have shared the working file through your private message. Please check!

For others having similar issue could refer to this post discussed previously: