Data not received

I have deployed a new survey and my interviewers said they have sent data over the prior week, but no submissions are received. Simultaneously, data from a different form has been active and working up until 2 weeks ago. No data has been received since then, but the interviewers say they have sent it. Can someone from Kobo help me look into what is happening?

Welcome back to the community, @globalhealthlab! Could you also let us know the mode of data collection (webform or Collect android app) your team took to submit the completed data?

Thanks for your reply. It would have been collect on the android app, they use tablets. The forms in my account in reference are: K01 Patient 12-month foll0w-up, K01 Provider 12-month follow-up, K01 Patient 6-month follow-up, and K01 6-month provider follow-up.

There are 2 separate interviewers with 2 different tablets but I haven’t received data from either.

@globalhealthlab, could you share a screenshot from your Send Finalized Form so that we would also know that the data has been submitted to the server from the app? In addition, please also share with us a screenshot of your SETTINGS>Server so that we can also look at the configuration to see if they are OK.

It turns out it is still on the tablet and just was not sent. Miscommunication. Thank you for your support! Sorry about that.