Data not reflected in the data source

Hello, I would like to understand where the data are being collected by the data collector and submitted but the data did not reflect in the kobo app. I would like to know where are these data source and how do i find those data submitted by the collector.
Thank you!

Hi @cmyc_ce,
To see your data, please follow the steps:

  1. You need to log on to your User ID where you created your user either in β€œGlobal KoboToolbox Server” or β€œEuropean Union KoboToolbox Server”.
  2. You will find all your deployed forms here. Click on the specific form that you would like to see the data.
  3. You will find four tabs at the top where you will find β€œDATA” tab.
  4. Go to β€œDATA” tab, you will see all your data. You can download your data from here.

Hope it will be helpful for your and you will get your answer.


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