Data not showing between Legacy Projects UI and New UI

Hello! I am trying to help a fellow organization using KoboToolbox. They complained about missing data for two columns. Checking for them, I compiled the form they had deployed and submitted. Actually I had input data to the corresponding form field but it did not appear under the “Data” tab in the UI. Also XLS had the same issue, plus some headers were malformed. Then I clicked on the “Legacy projects” button and I was redirected to the “old” UI. I was presented with a “Sync Forms” button that I did not click as I was not sure if this would lead to lose any data. I exported an XLS from the Legacy UI and actually all collected data was correctly listed there. So I guess a UI migration issue? Should I click on Sync Forms to “migrate” forms from the old UI to the new? Is that safe?
Would be grateful to have the data shown in the new UI correctly in order to use the report functions etc. there.
Best regards

Welcome to the community, @Ilias! Just curious to know how did you deploy your survey form? Did you deploy it through the form builder UI?

Thank you for your reply and welcoming message, happy to be here in the KoboToolbox community. As I was not directly involved I assume that the colleagues have used the form builder UI in 2020 to deploy the first survey form. From then on they edited the initial form perhaps by just editing the “old” one (2020) using it as a “template”. As they are remote colleagues I cannot reach easily I just wanted to first give you my impression, I will ask them directly for any insights that may be useful to you. What they reported the first time they asked us to help, is that they could not see the data from two columns. So this is why I tested this and saw that it actually does not show in the current UI or the xls export, but data do appear in the xls of the legacy UI. Thanks in advance for your help. I would be glad to send you any further information in order to solve this.

Any news on this? Would be highly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: