Data Privacy & Security Question

Question surrounding security features. Does KoBoToolbox allow individuals to see some information on the server and not other?
Example: Projects are set up for countries Aqua, Violet, Green, and Red. We’d like individuals aligned with Aqua to have user rights to access data collection pulled from Aqua, and not the data from the other 3 countries/projects located on the same server.
Can KoBo provide this level of user rights, and at the same time, this level of restriction?
And if so, are there limited numbers of people that can have access to any portion of the server information?
Lastly, if this is a capability, is this still part of the free, open-source offerings?
Thank you!

Welcome to the community @Jen! This can be managed in KoBoToolbox by using the following features as outlined in our support article Managing Permissions and Row-Level Permissions.