Data report editing

Hi there. I am new in this Fórum. Is there any option to edit the data reports before priting them (aside from changing colours, type of graphics and grouping questions)? I mean basically options for enlarging the graphic size, deleting the data tables below each graphic, changing the Font of the legends so that they are not cut when presented in the report, etc… I have not seen any and believe it would be really useful. As they are now they cannot be presented in a formal report, so I would need to copy paste the figures in a different Excel and make my own graphics…which is a pity having such a powerful and nice tool as this is. Thanks a lot for your coments ¡

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Hi @psurja,

Welcome to the community forum! Like you said at present KoBoToolbox offers users to change Chart Type and Color but are unable to enlarge graph size, delete data tables below each graph, change font of the legends etc. Many users would benefit from these features if build/modified. Hence could you fill up Suggestion Box with New Feature Request.

Thanks for the quick response. I will fill up the suggestion box. Regards ¡

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