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We have a KOBO Account on,

Recently, we have noticed that number of data entries by some of our staff is not matching with the export data. As per the sent data in the KOBO Collect app is more compared to the export data.
For example, according to screenshot shared by one of the staff, number of sent records are 169. (Screenshot attached). However, the export data has only 53 records for the same staff.

Could you please guide me in understanding possible reasons for the same? What happens with data in such a case and how to access the data?

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Welcome back to the community, @Tush! Not all the data from the Sent folder/button could belong to that project. It could also belong to other projects. If you don’t clear the Sent folder/button, the sent counter gets cumulated over time.

Maybe as a cross-check, you could also get into the Sent folder/button to see all the submissions (whether they belonged to that particular project).

Thanks for the quick revert!!!

Will check it

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Is there a chance of data loss due to storage limit?

No, This would not happen! All data, if reach the server, are safe. The only thing that could happen is that you may be limited to certain features if not upgrade on time.

Thanks again!!!

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